Stephen Fung’s Kickboxer Reboot Adds Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa, and Alain Moussi

Kickboxer (1989) Movie Poster“Kickboxer,” one of two upcoming remakes of a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie from the ’80s (“Bloodsport” being the other one) has officially added a pretty impressive list of fighters to its cast. At least, if you like your martial artists in a movie to know actual, you know, martial arts.

The film, set to be directed by “Tai Chi Zero’s” Stephen Fung (who is also bringing a kung fu drama called “Badlands” to AMC later next year, can’t wait for that one myself!), will star proven asskickers Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa (of “Ong Bak” fame), and Alain Moussi.

The trio will join “Guardians of the Galaxy’s” Dave Bautista and former UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre (last seen getting his ass kicked by Captain America) in the flick.

Despite those big names (well, in the realm of action movies, anyway), the lesser known Moussi will be your star. He’ll play the JCVD role of Kurt Sloan, who travels to Thailand in order to avenge his brother’s death at the hands of Tong Po (Bautista) in the ring. Much kickboxing ensue.

The 30-something Moussi (below) has worked mostly as a Hollywood stuntman on films like “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “Brick Mansions,” and “Pacific Rim,” with small roles in big productions like “Pompeii” and “White House Down.” This is his big break.

And oh yeah, the film will be shot in 3D, because that’s apparently still a thing.

Alain Moussi