Stephen King and the Dead Zone Guys Check into Haven

I suppose if you had to turn to someone to adapt another Stephen King story into an ongoing series, you could do worst than Scott Shepherd, Lloyd Segan and Shawn Piller, the trio that somehow managed to turn a King novel into a long-running TV series in The Dead Zone, which ran for six seasons and resurrected the career of Anthony Michael Hall as psychic Johnny Smith. Their latest project will be adapting King’s “The Colorado Kid”, since retitled Haven to the small screen as an ongoing show.

As is per King’s M.O., the action in Haven will revolve around a spooky Maine town populated by cursed individuals who attempt to live a normal life, essentially exiling themselves from the rest of the human population. But when their curses start returning, the feds send in Special Agent Audrey Parker to deal with it.

According to Wikipedia, the show’s premise is actually pretty far off from the actual novella by King, which had a young female 20-something reporter and two old crotchety newspaper men as its leads. But hey, who wants to see a couple of old farts investigating mysterious dead bodies? Plus, hot FBI agent chicks are all the rage on TV nowadays.

The Dead Zone trio, with Shepherd acting as showrunner and Segan and Piller executive producing, have already been given a 13-episode commitment from indie production house E1 Entertainment, the same people behind the Thomas Jane show Hung.

Production on Haven is expected to commence within the next six months.

And hey, if they need a spunky, cute female lead, they could do worst than The Dead Zone star Nicole de Boer.

Nicole de Boer ain't afraid of no cursed town.

Nicole de Boer ain't afraid of no cursed town.