Stephen King Gives the Thumbs Up to 1408

Poor Stephen King. He’s unquestionably one of the most successful and prolific writers out there (nevermind limiting him to the horror genre), but the guy has had the most terribly luck with Hollywood adapting his stories into movies. Basically, unless the filmmaker has either “Frank” or “Darabont” in their name, it’s nearly a guaranteed given that the movie version of a King story is gonna blow chunks. But wait — maybe not so much. According to director Mikael Hafström, in an interview with Bloody-Disgusting, “King was very pleased with the film, I’m happy to say.”

Hafström tells Bloody-Disgusting: “King was very pleased with the film, I’m happy to say. When you are adapting an author, especially one who has been around like he has, it’s very important that he approves. Even though the film contains more story, we are true to heart and soul of the short story.” Hafström also noted that King “really liked Cusack’s performance.”

Now king has hated just about every movie made from his stories, even Stanley Kubrick’s version of “The Shining”, and to hear him give his approval to a movie is pretty newsworthy stuff.

“1408” haunts theaters June 22nd.