Stephen King in Talks to Write an Episode of The Walking Dead Season 2

Wow, as if fans of Frank Darabont’s “The Walking Dead” weren’t already on pins and needles waiting for the show’s second season, currently due out late this year (come on, AMC, forget that Halloween nonsense! We want this thing sooner!), but here’s news that should increase that level of anticipation: Laurie Holden, Andrea on the show, dropped the news to the packed audience at the C2E2 over the weekend that literary’s master of horror, Stephen King, is “in talks” to pen one of the Season 2 episodes.

No surprise that King wants in, and Darabont wants him to come into the fold. Darabont has a long and, given the past sad state of King’s relationship with Hollywood, storied history with the author, with Darabont having developed and directed some of the best King stories to ever appear on the screen, including “Shawshank Redemption”, “The Green Mile” and “The Mist”.

Aside from that big news, the cast and crew didn’t really know what would be happening, except to say that there may be glimpses of familiar faces from the comics, like Tyreese, Michonne and The Governor making appearances in Season 2. Of course, before the Governor can show up, there’s still the prison stop to consider first, and that’s an entire season all in itself, I would imagine. Aside from that, we already know that the survivors will be spending plenty of time at Herschel’s farm in the coming season.