Stephen King’s Son Joe Hill Gets His Horns Optioned

Joe Hill, the horror writing son of Stephen King, is getting his second novel, the unreleased “Horns”, optioned for a maybe movie.

The deal with optioning is, for those unaware, is that somebody gets the rights, in this case Mandalay Pictures, to make a movie based on your work for a certain amount of time. You get money x and if they make the movie you get amount y. Obviously, y is a happier figure.

Joe Hill is a chip off the old block. I read his first book, “Heart Shaped Box” and it was pretty good. In “Horns”, Hill juices up the strange in a story about a guy that wakes up one morning with big holes in his memory, horns on his head and a dead girlfriend. Sounds awesome. The book won’t even be out til next year. The optioning business is pretty cutthroat. I’ve heard of novels being optioned based on one page of an authors work.

Thanks Variety.

Horns Novel Cover