Stephen King’s Under the Dome Lands at Showtime

Under The Dome Book CoverIf you really want to get technical about it, there’s already one Stephen King TV series on the air right now — the Syfy Channel’s “Haven”, which is essentially “X-Files”-lite, complete with cute-as-a-button FBI agent. Now you can add another one: “Under the Dome” is putting up stakes over at Showtime.

The TV series version of the King novel, “Under the Dome” will be produced by Steven Spielberg and King via Spielberg’s DreamWorks Television. The premise of “Dome” is a bit sci-fi-ish, though like all King stories, the meat of the conflict is invariably human nature. In this case, the conflicts that arise when a small town in Maine finds their little home suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by, yes, an invisible dome.

From Publisher’s Weekly:

When the smalltown of Chester’s Mill, Maine, is surrounded by an invisible force field, the people inside must exert themselves to survive. The situation deteriorates rapidly due to the dome’s ecological effects and the machinations of Big Jim Rennie, an obscenely sanctimonious local politician and drug lord who likes the idea of having an isolated populace to dominate. Opposing him are footloose Iraq veteran Dale “Barbie” Barbara, newspaper editor Julia Shumway, a gaggle of teen skateboarders and others who want to solve the riddle of the dome.

I’m guessing the U.S. Army won’t be much help. They usually never are in King’s stories.

No writers, actors, or crew have been attached to the show yet, and there’s no word if this will be an ongoing series or a limited mini-series.

Chester's Mills Main from Under the Dome