Stephen King’s Under the Dome TV Series Lands at CBS

CBS LogoI’m not sure how they’re going to turn Stephen King’s one-trick pony novel “Under the Dome” into an ongoing TV series, but apparently they’re going to give it a shot, with news that CBS has given the show a 13-episode first season order.

Written by King, “Under the Dome” is about a small New England town called Chester’s Mill that finds itself surrounded by an invisible forcefield (aka the “dome” of the title). Everyone who was inside the town at the time are locked inside, and no one can get in. Eventually, the town breaks down, with two factions pitted against one another for supremacy. Eventually, though, the secret of the dome is unlocked, just as life in the dome becomes deadly.

Once the origins of the dome itself is revealed, it’s hard to imagine this sustaining an ongoing TV series, but perhaps Brian K. Vaughan, who adapted the book, realized that. His version of “Under the Dome” is said to use the book’s premise as a launching pad, with a much more “TV-friendly” plotting/storyline. Which make sense, I guess.

The show was originally designed for Showtime, but eventually ended up at CBS. There is no cast and production hasn’t started yet, but CBS is already scheduling the show for a Summer 2013 launch.

Under the Dome Book Cover

Via : EW