Stephen Lang Talks About Conan’s Supernatural Elements

You’ve probably seen all the official and non-official photos of Jason Momoa as the new Conan that have made it online so far. I don’t know, the kid looks like he could pull it off. Or at least, offer up a different kind of Conan that could be interesting from the Arnold Schwarzenegger version.

In any case, the movie will co-star Stephen Lang, and the “Avatar” baddie (set to play the baddie in “Conan”) recently sat down to talk with MTV to talk about the movie’s supernatural elements, which apparently there will be plenty of:

If you read Robert Howard — of course the ‘Conan’ stories and novellas — magic, supernatural plays a huge, huge part in them: fakirs and magicians and wizards all over the place. So magic is part of that world. The magic in this film, there’s a lot of it and there’s a lot of action-magic as well, a lot of magical fighting.

Here’s the full (though short) interview:

That’s all fine and well, Stephen, but I’m just waiting to see official pictures of your co-star Rachel Nichols in her costume (or lack thereof).

I imagine it might look something like the pic below, but then again, that could just be wishful thinking…