Stephen Sommers’ Tarzan

One imagines that Stephen Sommers makes the type of excessive action adventure movies that he always loved watching as a kid. At least, that’s the explanation I’ve given for the guy’s not-quite spectacular resume, which includes over-the-top creature movies like “The Mummy” films, “Van Helsing”, and “Deep Rising”. Now Sommers can add another creature to the list — Tarzan. Well, okay, Tarzan isn’t exactly a creature, but he does “talk” to animals, and you gotta admit, that’s pretty weird.

Word is, Sommers is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. to bring yet another version of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan to the big screen. Fresh off “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra”, Sommers and screenwriter Stuart Beattie (who also scripted Sommers’ “Joe” movie) will be developing what they promise is a “new approach” to Burroughs’ famous loincloth wearing character. Oh, goody.

Via Reuters:

Stephen Sommers is in negotiations with Warner Bros. to bring a new version of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs creation “Tarzan, Lord of the Apes,” to the big screen.

The project was first announced two years ago with Guillermo del Toro attached to direct. But Sommers will get his shot now that Del Toro is committed to a four-year stint choreographing dwarves in New Zealand for the “Hobbit” movies.

No doubt Sommers’ version of “Tarzan” will be filled with unnecessary CGI and crazy action ala “Van Velsing” and the “Mummy” movies. In which case, it probably won’t be too bad. After all, what exactly is anyone expecting from a movie about a guy who swings around the jungle on vines and talks to apes? “Citizen Kane with Bananas”?

FYI: There was actually a Tarzan TV show a few years ago, where Tarzan did his thing in the big city. No, really. It co-starred Prison Break’s Sarah Wayne Callies as the tough, but hot police chick who helps out the loinclothed one.