Stephen Sommers to Tell the Tale of Odd Thomas

Stephen Sommers, the man behind “G.I. Joe” (sigh) and the “Mummy” films (a slight Yay!), is bringing Dean Koontz’s “Odd Thomas” novels to the big screen. Sommers will co-write the script and direct the film, which already has a budget of $47 million to work with. How they know it’s going to be exactly $47 million, and not $50, or $40 is one of those things only smart people in Hollywood knows.

Originally published by Koontz in 2003, “Odd Thomas” follows the titular character, a 20-year old fry cook in a small California town who can talk to the dead. Well, he can see and talk to them, but he can’t hear what they say back. A couple of people know his secret, including his girlfriend Stormy and the town’s Chief of Police, who also acts as a father figure for him.

Sommers and Fusion Films’ Howard Kaplan and John Baldecchi will produce the adaptation.