Stephen Sommers Will Go Joe Again

Stephen Sommers’s live-action “G.I. Joe” didn’t exactly set fanboys’ panties on fire, unless you’re talking about fires of rage. The film, made for an estimated $175 million dollar budget, went on to earn $302 worldwide. Quite a haul, right? Not really. For a big Summer studio film like “G.I. Joe”, you’ll need to at least double its production budget to arrive at the film’s true cost, so keeping that in mind, $302 doesn’t exactly translate into a hit for the studio.

So why exactly is Paramount insistent on making a “G.I. Joe 2”? Your guess is as good as mine. The film did well on DVD, which added about $69 million to its total take, but even piling up all the numbers (for a total of around $371 million), the film is not exactly a runaway hit. Add to that the overwhelming critical and fanboy thrashing, and I will be honest with you, the fact that Paramount seems insistent on making a sequel is perplexing.

But they are, and apparently according to sources of The Wrap, original director Stephen Sommers will be back to direct despite some initial bad blood between the “Mummy” director and the studio in the aftermath of negative advance reaction to “G.I. Joe” a year ago. Besides Sommers, male model turned barely actor Channing Tatum is also expected back as Duke, the franchise’s hero. And here I thought they were going to do the smart thing and start focusing on Snake Eyes. Silly me.

Snake Eyes be chillin' for a sequel.