Stephen Sommers Won’t Direct G.I. Joe Sequel After All

Good news, fanboys: it sounds like Paramount has heard your pleas regarding Stephen Sommers directing another “G.I. Joe” movie, because according to reports, the “Mummy” director will not be back for a second go-around in Joe land. Which is a surprise, because it wasn’t all that long ago when all signs pointed to Sommers very much directing the sequel. But hey, this is Hollywood, and studios are whimsical creatures.

Says the LATimes:

Two agents who represent other filmmakers have said they’d recently been approached about their clients coming on to helm [the G.I. Joe sequel] and were told that Sommers would not be getting behind the camera. Paramount declined to comment.

So there you have it. No need to get your panties into a bunch, Stephen Sommers will no longer be directing the “G.I. Joe” sequel, which previously had “Zombieland” and “Deadpool” writers Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick penning a draft.

Made for around $175 million, the first movie earned $302 worldwide, half of that from the domestic box office. It’s by no means a runaway hit, but when you add in all the ancillary profits, it should eventually arrive in the black.

If the sequel does go forward, may I make a suggestion to the filmmakers? Stop with the Scarlett and Ripcord nonsense, and either put her with Snake Eyes or Duke, or not at all.