Steve Carell Adapts Rick Reilly’s Missing Links

missing-linksI enjoy Rick Reilly. Everything gets a little funnier when you see sporting life through his perspective. A 1998 article about Ohio State linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer began, “How are you with condoms?” And in a seamless transition, he pivots right to their national championship hopes, as if the two ideas have any kind of connection together, when he continues to say, “Anything you might know about them could help No. 1-ranked Ohio State win college football’s national championship.” The idea being that Katzenmoyer couldn’t pass an AIDS awareness class. Reilly’s defection to ESPN was like Benedict Arnold; it’s strange to see an eleven time sportswriter of the year switch boats in midstream.

Unfortunately, he co-wrote Leatherheads, which not even George Clooney could save. But the good news is that now his comedic novel Missing Links is being adapted by screenwriter Jay Lavender (The Break-Up), according to Risky Business. There is no word on whether Rick Reilly has anything to do with this project. Instead, Steve Carell is producing and possibly staring. The plot is described by Risky Business:

Reilly’s 1997 comedic novel tells of the group of bumblers who, after playing for years at a run-down municipal golf course in a working-class Boston neighborhood, concoct a series of schemes that they hope will lead to them teeing off at a nearby elite club.

Rick Reilly exists on another plane when he describes golf, as if it’s his nirvana. I have faith in anything that he writes about it.

But where’s the movie deal for the Sports Guy? Is someone going to adapt his Now I Can Die in Peace? I’ll even watch a movie about Bill Simmons answering his e-mail; the collective humor of his readers must exceed most comedy films, like a bunch of monkeys in one room.