Steve Pink Climbs out of the Hot Tub to Direct Toxic Avenger Remake

Writer and director Steve Pink, who last helmed “Hot Tub Time Machine” and before that, “High Fidelity” (both with John Cusack), has signed on to write and direct Troma’s remake of their “Toxic Avenger” franchise. Pink will co-write the script with Daniel C. Mitchell before going behind the camera.

Pink commented:

I’m thrilled to be working on this project. THE TOXIC AVENGER is exactly what the country – wait, that’s not big enough – what the world needs right now.

The remake is being “envisioned as an environmentally conscious action-comedy”, whatever that means. But they’ll still keep the whole sex with the blind girl stuff, right?

Akiva Goldsman of Weed Road Pictures, Richard Saperstein, and Charlie Corwin of Original Media are producing.

Maybe Pink can talked John Cusack into playing Toxie. He is, after all, the best: