Steven S. DeKnight Takes Over Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix

Steven S. DeKnight

“Hello, I’m Steven S. DeKnight. I will be guiding your Daredevil adventures. You’re welcome.”

Hmm, apparently the suits at Marvel have chosen last week to, as Michael Corleone would say, settle all family business. Or, at least, two of thoem.

Late Friday, the studio announced the parting of ways with “Ant-Man” director Edgar Wright, and over the weekend they’ve confirmed the departure of “Cabin in the Woods'” Drew Goddard from their upcoming “Daredevil” series on Netflix. Don’t cry for Goddard, though. The writer/director previously landed the Spider-Man spin-off villain movie, “Sinister Six.” In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if his leaving “Daredevil” was because of that.

But unlike the fate of “Ant-Man,” which the studio promises a new director soon, “Daredevil” already has a new showrunner slotted in: “Spartacus'” Steven S. DeKnight.

This is good and bad news for me. The good news is that I like Steven S. DeKnight, and I liked “Spartacus.” The bad news is that DeKnight had another show waiting to be picked up at Starz called “Incursion.” It was supposed to be, essentially, “Spartacus” in outer space, with aliens. With DeKnight now jumping onboard “Daredevil,” it seems unlikely that that other show has gotten the greenlight from the cable net and DeKnight is only doing the smart thing–moving on.

Although most people know DeKnight from his bloody (and very sexy times) “Spartacus” TV series, he has pretty extensive experience with fanboy properties, and has worked as writer, producer, and director on everything from “Dollhouse” to “Angel” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

DeKnight will take over Goddard’s role as Executive Producer and Showrunner on “Daredevil,” which Marvel has planned as a 13-episode first season that will air on the online distributor sometime in 2015. No word on who will be playing Matt Murdock yet, though…

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  • Aegon the Conqueror

    What are the chances we are getting a dark, gritty, violent and sexy R rated Daredevil?

    • Dedpool

      R rated doubtful, but everything else is possible

      • Aegon the Conqueror

        Fuckit why don’t R-Rated movies make money!?

        • Nix

          Most movies are viewed on the weekends. Think back to the last time you were at the movies on the weekends. Who did you see there? Families. Parents and their children. Thus, PG/PG-13 have a higher chance of making a profit.

          • Aegon the Conqueror

            Wasn’t so much a serious question as it was an outcry of pain because I really want an R rated Deadpool movie.

          • Dedpool

            Yeah R rated films are kind of a lost art lol

  • Brent McKnight

    Under normal circumstances, I would be pretty stoked about DeKnight, and I’m sure he’ll do a good job, but I was really excited about seeing what Goddard was going to do. I get the desire to work on a Sinister Six movie, but I’m a way bigger Daredevil fan than I am a Spider-Man fan, so now I make a farty noise.

    • Dedpool

      LMAO!!! I was excited about Goddard being on it too, but Deknight helped give me Spartacus, so I’m still good! And Goddard is still attached and he wrote the first two episodes so they will be following his tone.

      • Brent McKnight

        I do still think it will still be good. I’m curious if DeKnight will up the splatter factor, a las Spartacus.