Steven Seagal May Run for Governor of Arizona

Steven Seagal

Move over, Governator, here comes the … Aikidonator?

Hey, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can get himself elected governor of California, why can’t Steven Seagal? The action movie star and Aikido master recently told a news outlet that he is, indeed, mulling over a run for the Governor’s seat of the great and very arid state of Arizona.

The star of such badass flicks as “Marked for Death,” “Under Siege,” and “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” recently told news station KNXV-TV about his possible plans:

Joe Arpaio and I were talking about me running for governor in Arizona which was kind of a joke… But I suppose I would remotely consider it…but probably I would have a lot of other responsibilities that may be more important to address.

Seagal goes on to discuss various political hot button topics, quotes Reagan, and takes a little jab or two at Obama. You can see the full interview below.

Seagal, by the way, has a new reality TV show called “Lawman: Maricopa County” on the way. Maricopa County, of course, is in Arizona, and run by the aforementioned Joe Arpaio.

Via : ABC15