Steven Seagal: MMA Trainer?

Between shooting direct-to-video action movies, playing blues guitar, and dealing with a full-blown sex scandal, I didn’t imagine that Steven Seagal had all that much open space in his schedule. However, he apparently found the time to dabble in the world of mixed martial arts. Before you get your undies in a bunch, this isn’t dabbling in MMA the same way Hershel Walker, Jose Canseco, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and now WWE wrestler, Dave Batista have all dabbled with MMA to varying degrees.

No, SB Nation reports that Seagal, who is 58 years old and bloated, has been training reigning UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, in Aikido, in preparation for his upcoming title defense at UFC 117 in August.

Seagal may be overweight and cocky, and his hair isn’t fooling anyone, but from the looks of this video, he’s still got speed on his side, and could twist my neck shut without breaking a sweat.