Steven Seagal Wages War on Seattle Heroin Dealers in Deadly Crossing

Anyone who really knows me will proudly tell you how much of a Seagal junkie I am. Despite the inherent awfulness found lurking at the crusty center of his direct-to-video efforts, I’ve stood by the big guy for years. Unfortunately, North American fans seem to be getting the shaft lately, as his past two entries in his bloated filmography have only been released overseas. From what I can gather, Seagal’s recent endeavor “Deadly Crossing” (aka “True Justice”), a film which finds the aging hero battling drug dealers on the streets of Seattle, was quietly released on Region 2 DVD on December 27th of 2010. Has his star fallen so far that those of us dwelling here in the States have to wait patiently to get our Seagal fix? It would seem so. However, sometimes it pays to have an all-region DVD player, especially if you have questionable taste in cinema.

When will “Deadly Crossing” see the light of day on Region 1? I’m not sure. Given that “Born to Raise Hell” hasn’t been released yet, you may have to wait a while. In the meantime, take a peek at the film’s trailer, which has been positioned carefully beneath this meandering collection of words and punctuation marks.