Steven Soderbergh Ditches The Man From UNCLE

Steven Soderbergh

Nothing in Hollywood happens in a timely manner — unless, of course, Clint Eastwood is directing it. But beyond Eastwood, everything in Hollywood takes time. Lots and lots of time.

Such is “The Man from UNCLE”, which is now once again without a director after reports by Indiewire has Steven Soderbergh walking away from the project after failing to reach a compromise with Warner Bros. over casting for the movie. Soderbergh, who has promised that he will retire in a few years, is apparently itching to make a quick movie before his upcoming retirement party, and is deadset on making the Liberace biopic “Behind The Candelabra” before he calls it quits. I have no idea why the guy is so obsessed with Liberace, but apparently anything that gets in the way of him making it, like a long delay on “UNCLE”, will get tossed aside

Another reason why Soderbergh walked? Warner Bros. was only going to give him $60 million to work with. That’s a tad low, considering that the script Soderbergh was going to be working off was set in the ’60s, and would, one presumes, include ’60s-inspired action set pieces that would require wholesale rebuilding from scratch of props and sets.

So now that leaves “The Man from UNCLE” without a director or a cast, with all the previous names attached to the film so far like Joel Edgerton, Matt Damon, and Channing Tatum never having materialized. So what now?

Well, maybe they can talk Johnny Depp into joining up. Word was, Depp had wanted to play the Russian spy Illya at some point, but ended up being too preoccupied with “The Lone Ranger”. Of course, if Warner Bros. wants to wait for Depp, I’m sure there’s really no hurry to get “The Man from UNCLE” out there fast.

Via : Indiewire