Steven Soderbergh Swallowing The Bitter Pill

PillNews flash: Steven Soderbergh isn’t retiring from filmmaking. Or at least, he’s not retiring anytime soon. Moving on…

Anyways, a scant week or so after dumping Warner Bros.’ “The Man from UNCLE” due to casting and money issues, the director has now attached himself to the thriller “The Bitter Pill” with Scott Z. Burns, who wrote the director’s “The Informant!”, “Contagion”, and more recently, collaborated with him on the doomed (at least for them) “Man from UNCLE” adaptation.

“The Bitter Pill” doesn’t have a home yet (though that shouldn’t take too long), but Soderbergh will produce along with Lorenzo di Bonaventura (“Transformers”).

“The Bitter Pill” is described as “a thriller set in the world of psychopharmacology.” Thus, the pill of the title, I suppose.

Soderbergh, meanwhile, has his first foray into MMA coming out next year in “Haywire”, is directing the Channing Tatum stripper movie “Magic Mike”, and for some unfathomable reason, still has that Liberace biopic warming up in the background. Really, Steven, what’s the draw there, buddy?

Steven Soderbergh

Via : THR