Steven Spielberg Will Direct the Coming Robopocalypse

Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg and sci-fi mayhem go together like peanut butter and jelly. And I’m not talking about those fancy PBJ that comes pre-mixed, either. I’m talking about taking the time to put your peanut butter on the bread first, then follow it up with the jelly. Or vice versa, whatever works for you, I ain’t gonna judge.

Deadline reports that Spielberg has officially made Daniel H. Wilson’s upcoming novel “Robopocalypse” his next directorial gig after the live-action “Tin Tin” movie and the WWI set “War Horse”. He will direct from a script by Drew Goddard, who word has it, was adapting the Wilson novel even while Wilson was finishing up said novel, which isn’t even due out yet until June 7, 2011. Which means it’ll probably be a while yet before we see anything from the movie.

So what’s “Robopocalypse” all about (in case, you know, you didn’t “get it” from the title)? Sounds pretty cool, actually, and involves a robot uprising that threatens to destroy all of humanity. Sorta like “Terminator” except probably with very cute robots trying to slice you up. Imagine “Robopocalypse” as if Spielberg’s “Artificial Intelligence” and “War of the Worlds” had a bastard child, would be my guess.

I imagine the genesis of the “Robopocalypse” is probably the fault of the Japanese, who have been putting out one creepy ass robot after another, and have been for a while. Seriously, what is the deal with the Japanese and their obsession with creating life-like female robots? Um, nevermind. I think I know.

Needless to say, I’m definitely reading this sucker when the novel is released next year.

Robopocalypse Book Cover