Steven Spielberg Will Produce a Live-Action TV Series Based on Microsoft’s Halo Game

Halo Game Art

At the Microsoft shindig yesterday where Microsoft unveiled their brand new gaming console that they’re hoping will replace not just their old Xbox, but every other console out there (the rather uninspiring Xbox One), there were also some news of interest to TV and movie fans.

Of note, Steven Spielberg showed up to announce that he would be producing a live-action TV series based on the “Halo” game. “Halo”, of course, is an Xbox-exclusive game, meaning if you wanted to play “Halo”, you needed an Xbox.

Says Spielberg:

For me, the ‘Halo’ universe is an amazing opportunity to be at the intersection where technology and storytelling meet.

Of course, just what Spielberg “producing” means is anybody’s guess. He could actually have a big impact on the finished product by developing the content and even directing an episode or two, or he could just be selling his name to the show the way J.J. Abrams “produces” everything on TV these days. Spielberg is also a “producer” on TNT’s “Falling Skies”, but that logic-deprived show sure doesn’t feel like it’s a Spielberg creation.

Here’s what the new Xbox One looks like, in case you were curious:

Xbox One

This wouldn’t be the first live-action “Halo” offering, though. Last year, Microsoft developed and produced a “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” live-action web series to help promote the upcoming “Halo 4” release. Here’s the trailer:

Via : NY Daily News