Steven Spielberg Won’t Direct Bradley Cooper in American Sniper

Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg and Dreamworks have pulled their stakes out of Bradley Cooper’s long-gestating project “American Sniper”, the war movie that would chronicle the exploits of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, officially recognized as the most lethal American sniper in history.

That means he killed a lot of people for God, country, and apple pie, though to hear Kyle tell it in his book “American Sniper”, the official number is way below his unofficial number, since in order for a kill to be confirmed, someone had to be there to verify it, and that wasn’t always the case in a war zone.

Spielberg was originally supposed to direct, with Cooper starring and producing, but apparently there were issues with the budget Warner Bros. was willing to commit to.

I’ve read the Kyle book, and there isn’t anything there that would require, say, a “Saving Private Ryan”-like beach landing sequence. Most of the book is Kyle shuffling off between tours of duty and home, with much of the action involving sniping action. With Cooper attached, I’m not sure why Warner Bros. would skimp on the budget, though. I suspect Spielberg just wanted to leave, so he did. The fact that he and Dreamworks pulled out completely is odd.

This is the second project Spielberg has come onboard and then left. He’s still attached to direct “Robopocaypse”, but who knows if that will ever actually happen.

American Sniper Book Cover

Via : Deadline