Still Waiting for that Voltron Movie? You Can Stop Now.


“Voltron” the big-screen movie was supposed to be set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, and from what we hear, everyone who has read the script “loved” it. Of course, the fact that the script was written by Justin Marks, who back in the day was the “it” boy for all things sci-fi/genre, and I am doubtful it was ever that “great” to begin with. Marks, you’ll recall, is the writer of “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li”. (BRRRR. I still get chills thinking about what an abomination that one was.)

Back in April, we heard that World Event Prods and Classic Media, the rights holder to the sci-fi property, had ditched the Marks script and was starting over from scratch. Now it seems like “scratch” actually meant “trash”, because Variety reports that “Voltron” the movie is dead for the time being, and instead the company will move on with an animated TV show and toyline to re-introduce the flying robot animals and their human pilots to a new generation of kiddies.

“Voltron: Defender of the Universe” will be making its comeback tour with a new animated show on Nicktoons, as well as a brand new toy line from Mattel. This follows in the footsteps of Warner Bros. deciding to scrap their own plans for a “Thundercats” movie, instead opting to re-introduce the brand through a new TV show on Cartoon Network and toyline.

The new “Voltron” show will be called “Voltron Force”, and will premiere next year on Nicktoons as 26 30-minute episodes. The show will follow “five space explorers who pilot robotic lions that combine to form Voltron, an invincible guardian sworn to defend the Universe.”

Sounds like a lot of space to cover with just five measly robot lions, but what do I know, I never got a giant robot lion of my own to fight evil and aliens despite asking for it every Christmas. Sniff.

By the way, is that Optimus Prime doing the voiceover narration for the old TV show…?

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Noooooooooooo!!!!!! I liked the script from Marks. I know “Legend of Chun-Li” was an abomination, but his “Masters of the Unverse” and “Voltron” scripts were banging! I mean whoever was gonna take over needs to use those as their basis as they were well thought out and crafted with love with serious attention and inspiration of the source material.

    Also the last time someone did a NEW “Voltron” series we got a wierd CG cartoon that was meh. At least with “Masters of the Universe 2002″ it was well animated. I'm hoping they good a good team to do this and reintroduce the concept, and charcters while using the original as a springboard but trying to blaze their own path and create a truly original work, as Voltron was a heavily edited version of a japanese cartoon “Go-Lion”, very much on par with what the U.S. did with “Macross” to create the Robotech series.

  • Marc Ohhhh

    yeah that's optimus prime doing the voiceover. the voice actor did work on other projects in the 80s

  • Marc Ohhhh

    yeah that's optimus prime doing the voiceover. the voice actor did work on other projects in the 80s