Story Details and Casting News for the CW’s Wonder Woman TV Show


Wonder Woman Comic BookNBC may have failed in their attempts to launch a “Wonder Woman” TV series, but it looks like the CW is going full-steam ahead with theirs. The network, which is flushed with success from another D.C. superhero show “Arrow”, is already on the look-out for an actress to play the lead in their show, currently going under the title “Amazon”.

What’s more, Wonder Woman will now be named Iris, not Diana, and here’s how the casting breakdown describes her:

She comes from a remote, secluded country and until now has spent most of her life as a soldier and a leader on the battlefield. Because of relentless brutality of her life at home, Iris looks at our world with absolute awe and astonishment. She’s delighted ­and just as often horrified ­ by the aspects of everyday life that we take for granted: skyscrapers, traffic, ice cream. It’s all new and fascinating and sometimes slightly troubling ­to her. Iris is completely unschooled in our world, our culture, our customs. And she’s completely inexperienced at interpersonal relationships. She has no social filter, does not suffer fools, and tends to do and say exactly what’s on her mind at all times. She’s bluntly, refreshingly honest. She can tell when you’re lying to her. And she doesn’t have time or patience for politics or tact because she’s too busy trying to experience everything our world has to offer. There are too many sights to see ­and things to learn ­and people to care for. Hers is a true, noble, and generous heart. And she will fight and die for the people she loves. Iris is a fierce warrior with the innocent heart of a romantic ­and she will fight to the death to make the world safe for innocents and true romantics everywhere.

There isn’t a finished script yet, or a greenlight from the CW, but the producers are already on the look out for an actress who is in her mid-20s, and who is 5’8″ or taller.

Beyond the name change, I find it interesting that Wonder Woman now comes from another “country” instead of an island. What country is it that doesn’t have ice cream and skyscrapers and traffic? Okay, maybe some backwards country don’t have skyscrapers and traffic, but ice cream, too? Wasn’t that invented around the birth of Jesus?

Still more curious is that they’re moving on ahead with a “Wonder Woman” show despite how spectacularly the NBC version failed. CW is either feeling their oats with the success of “Arrow”, or they know something we don’t…

Stephen Amell in ARROW

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Author: Nix

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  • wolfdaddy

    why do they think wonder woman is so hard to adapt that they just completely rip it apart…

  • TotesMagotes

    Honestly, this sounds terrible….

  • justjoe

    Yeah, she fights for truth, justice and ice cream! And don´t forget romantics!!!

  • Juggernaut


  • ErickKwon

    Sounds less like Wonder Woman and more like Jet Li’s Danny the Dog. But if this makes it to air, I’d be shocked if it isn’t in same continuity as “Arrow”

    • Dedpool

      Doesn’t even sound like that. Sounds like Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon!!
      Seriously how is this so hard to adpat into a tv show. Take a lil Percy Jackson, a little Xena, a bit of Hercules and viola Wonder Woman the tv show.
      Specifically from each I mean the way the Gods interact with the world and Diana’s feeling out of place (But like I once said I’d have the gods have taken on human forms and positions, like Ares is a military general or something, Zues is a business mogul and one of the most powerful men in the world, Aphrodite is the head of a modeling agency, etc)
      From Hercules I want that modern/pop culture take on the Gods. loved what they did with like Ares and such
      And from Xena well obviously the badass female warrior.

      • ErickKwon

        The “Hercules/Xena” approach would be perfect for this.

  • Danmillion99

    Geoff Johns – @geoffjohns
    If a WW show happens her name is of course DIANA. Codenames (like IRIS) are used in casting a lot to try and avoid speculation. #TV101 :)

    So relaxxxxx

  • 0ptik

    No mention of powers yet… in arrow, all supervillains were villains. Normal human people, hopefully the dont do that for Amazon.

  • Lazz82

    DEAR GOD I HATE Geoff Johns….stick with “The Flash”, stay the hell outta everything else!…after my girlfriend (an avid WW fan)…read this I am in fear of my life…Thank NIX! J/K….

  • Tiyoymokring

    Iris, bullshit I’d rather watch Adriene Padelicki as Diana/WW.

    • wolfdaddy21

      its already come out that was a code name to avoid cast speculation…which i get but why release it to the public

  • Juggernaut

    Anyone see last weeks episode of Arrow? I just checked it olut last night on DVR and whoa! For such a one note show the reveal at the end was a total mind blower! I did not see that at all.

    • wolfdaddy21

      I keep missing it, what happened

      • Nix

        He goes to the Huntress’ hotel in his civilian garb (presumably to tell her who he really is) but she already knows. They have sex.

      • Juggernaut

        After what Nix said

        They reveal that John Barrowman’s character who until now was known only as “The well dressed man” is Tommy Merlyn’s father!!! I was completely shocked. It was great!

        • Nix

          It’s a good show, but they need to chill with the costume characters. It’s getting somewhat gratuitous now and they’re liable to run out by the end of season 1 at the rate they’re going.