Straight-to-DVD Horror: Wrong Turn 3 – Left for Dead

From the guy who has done so many Sci Fi Channel movies that the press release feels perfectly okay to boast that he’s a “Sci-Fi Channel movie veteran” (wait, that’s a compliment?), comes the third entry in the “Wrong Turn” franchise, “Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead”. Yes, I bet you didn’t know there was a franchise, didya? The second one came out in 2007, but you probably didn’t see that one, either. The third one is due out from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment October 20 on DVD and Blu-ray, and looks like the gory, spam-a-lot kind of movie for all you gorefiends out there. Covert art, details, trailer, and images below.

The first course for the bloodthirsty family comes when a group of campers arrive, realizing only too late that ticks aren’t the only things that bite in these backwoods. But when some of the most vicious killers in the country escape into the woods from a bus transporting them to prison, Three Finger and his family may have met their match. Will justice be served on the convicted murderers or upon the mutant killers? Whatever happens, Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead delivers one bone-crushing moment after another right to its terrifying end!

Starring Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery, Tamer Hassan, Gil Kolirin, Tom McKay, Christian Contreras, Jake Curran, Chucky Venice, and directed by Declan O’Brien.