Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Box Set PS3/XBOX360 Review

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Box Set

First off, I am a stickler for collector’s editions.  Especially for game series I love, usually these include additional content and a statue/collectible of some kind.  Some are more affordable ($70-$80), while others are up there and REALLY not worth it ($139 Tron: Evolution CE I’m talking to you!)

But if you are looking at SHEER VOLUME of content and extras you CANNOT go wrong with the new Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Box Set!  It is on the higher end price wise ($149.99) but for that money you get:

  • 4 complete games: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and Street Fighter X Tekken.  (Right there is almost half your cost right there)

BUT that’s not ALL! You also will receive:

  • ALL DLC for Super Street Fighter IV- almost a $50 value
  • All costumer and character DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken-another $45 value
  • A 2 disc Blu-Ray set including a great documentary on Street Fighter (and gaming culture in general), the Street Fighter II animated movie, 2 Street Fighter IV anime’s, and the complete ‘90’s Street Fighter US animated series.
  • 11 discs of soundtrack spanning Street Fighter’s 25 years
  • Art Book that features art from Street Fighter fans celebrating 25 years of Street Fighter!
  • A light up Ryu “Shoryuken” statue
  • And a full size replica Ryu martial arts belt

PS3 owners are in for an additional treat as the get even MORE additional content:

  • Every Street Fighter Avatar ever made….(over 170)-An over $90 retail value
  • PSone classics Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2 and 3-A $18 value
  • ALL SF III Third Strike add-on content-$7 value
  • FINALLY, the Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX PSP full game-$10 value

So not including the soundtracks, blu-ray, and collectibles…we stand at almost a $300 value…you double your money!  LOL


Now for the good, the games look great and if you love Street Fighter, these are for you.  The 2-disc Blu-Ray is jammed pack with content and the documentary “I am Street Fighter” provides terrific insight into the inception of SF, as well as the gamer culture surrounding the franchise.  This is the only way I know of that you can get the ENTIRE ‘90’s US animated series, cheesy, yes, awesome? ABSOLUTELY! The 2 Street Fighter IV anime’s are beautiful and if you like the Special Forces characters (Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy) you will be in heaven.   The statue is of superb quality and the light up effect really makes it “pop” better than your typical static collectible statues.  The art included in the art book is beautiful and you can tell the passion that fans have for series, even though ¾ of the pics are of Chun-Li.

Now for the not so good, as much content as the 11 discs of soundtracks have, NONE include the theme songs from Street Fighter IV (or subsequent releases), nor the awesome theme song for Street Fighter X Tekken, but other than that, it includes almost everything else.  The PSone classics, which I love, still suffer from the PSone “Stiff” and “Laggy” control, which makes them difficult for newcomers.  And the Ryu replica belt is just that, unless you’re a cosplayer, which you would be foaming at the mouth.

Now for the horrible, this is only 2 things, and may not bother anyone.  The Street Fighter II animated film is the bastardized, cut to hell US PG-13 version.  Now I am not asking for the UK version (people who have seen this know what I am talking about).  A compromise would be to include the UNRATED US version (making the movie a little more, well, viewable) there is nothing worse than Ryu going for an uppercut and the next shot is Sagat falling to the ground with a brand new shiny scar on his chest.  And finally and this VERY personal, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR CAPCOM NOT TO INCLUDE TROPHY SUPPORT TO SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO HD REMIX!  We have asked for it for years and this would be a perfect time to patch it and add a well-deserved surprise to the fans, but no…actually a HELL NO.  *Ryu walks away into the darkness*

In summary, if you are a die-hard or casual fan, this set is for you, no doubt.  But I want to suggest to those who like fighting games such as DBZ and Naruto, pick this set up and be introduced to the series and games that without them, your games probably wouldn’t exist.  And in the case of Naruto, your show might not have either.