Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li Official Site/Blog

Via TheMovieBlog comes news that the folks behind the latest incarnation of the “Street Fighter” franchise, this one going by the not-all-that-great sounding title of “The Legend of Chun Li”, has put up an official site. Or blog, actually. Well, it’s a pretty lousy looking blog. One of those blogs that you’d expect any kid with a computer to put up. You know, sorta like this one. Ahem. Anyways, I expected better from a major studio movie official site, but maybe they’re going for the “fanboy” look and feel. Who knows.

The site, here, has put up its first and only post (for now), telling us that Week 1 of shooting has completed in Bangkok, Thailand (via):

So far in week one, Michael Clarke Duncan has been doing what he does best— smashing sh*t up and having a flippin’ blast doing it. It’s also worth mentioning that this man does ALL HIS OWN STUNTS. And its not cuz there’s a shortage of 6 foot 6 inch, 275+ pound African-Americans in Thailand! After watching the man in action these past few days, I can say with complete confidence that this was truly the role he was born to play. Meanwhile, Chun Li, Cantana and 400 Thai extras have gotten a little…’too close for comfort’ in a scene that’s sure to capture the um…affections of all you male Kristin Kreuk and Josie Ho fans out there. And Nash and Maya are hot on the trail– busy chasing leads and getting’ along like gangbusters. Literally.

Now those with a watchful eye might notice there’s one character I haven’t even discussed. One that’s not mentioned in the cast breakdown but one who’s surely an integral part of the film. And so now, for your first exclusive scoop, allow me to present you faithful readers with some brand spankin’ new casting you’re surely not aware of. The integral role of GEN will be played by none other than……tune in next week to find out! Sorry to go all ‘American Idol’ on your asses, but trust me, it’s worth the wait (and its NOT who you think). I’ve attached some badass storyboards from artist Ted Boonthanakit to whet your appetites…click it!

Check out the storyboard below:

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li