Stretch Armstrong Movie Hires New Screenwriter

Stretch Armstrong ToyIt’s amazing to me that Hasbro and their Hollywood studio partner Relativity Media haven’t been able to get a “Stretch Armstrong” movie off the tarmac sooner. I mean, hell, “The Smurfs” are cleaning up at the box office and already has a sequel in the works. You can’t bang your heads together to sell a “Stretch Armstrong” movie in this environment? Sheesh.

I personally think it’s a pretty easy sell to kids … as long as you make it for kids. I honestly don’t have a clue why the suits were trying to develop this as some kind of teen-oriented action franchise starring that shirtless wonder from the “Twilight” movies.

With Taylor Lautner now out of the franchise completely (I’m sure “Abduction”, his first real movie star role, tanking had a little something to do with it), Hasbro and Relativity have continued on with their Stretch Armstrong movie, and seems to have made a move towards a new direction.

They’ve now hired “The Manchurian Candidate” writer Dean Georgaris to take a crack at the adaptation, with an eye towards turning it into “a plausible, action-oriented family pic”. Yeah, “plausible”. That’s the ticket.

Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner is at home hoping and praying that Summit manages to squeeze another “Twilight” movie out of the franchise…

Via : Variety