Stuart Gordon: House of Re-Animator is Dead

Stuart GordonJeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton, George Wendt, and even William H. Macy (!!!) were ready to do it, but for the life of him, Stuart Gordon just couldn’t find anyone in Hollywood to fund his “House of Re-Animator”, which was intended as a horror satire on the current Bush Administration. The reason? Gordon blames it on fear of Bush et al, because according to Gordon, people are “definitely afraid” of reprisals from Darth Bush and his Sith Lord minions. Of course, Gordon is right, because let’s face it, ever since Bush came into office, there hasn’t been a single Hollywood movie to criticize him, his foreign policy, the Iraq War, the War on Terror … er, wait, what? Oh yeah, Stuart Gordon is delusional.


Gordon blames the HOUSE situation on the current political climate. The screenplay by the director and his longtime collaborator Dennis Paoli contains a strong dose of satire, aimed squarely at the current occupant of the White House. “We could not find funding for it; I think people are still too afraid of offending the Bush administration,” says Gordon, who finds the setback intensely frustrating. “I mean, here’s RE-ANIMATOR, which is a very successful franchise, but nobody wanted to do that story. People are definitely afraid. These guys are known for payback. Everyone is just counting the days until they’re out of office.” For that reason, Gordon doesn’t hold much hope of salvaging the project at a future date. “It was sort of specifically about what’s going on right now. Maybe we could rethink it or something, at some point. But it’s just one of those missed opportunities.”

Stuart Gordon’s inability to grapple with the realities of Hollywood funding notwithstanding, count me as one of the many fans looking forward to another tale of Jeffrey Combs creating, and then having to fight, his own zombie creations. Seriously, you’d think the guy would have learned by now, but noooooooo.

In any case, from the horse’s mouth itself: “House of Re-Animator” is dead. (No pun indended.)

Stuart Gordon: House of Re-Animator is Dead