Stuart Townsend Out As Fandral In Thor

Stuart Townsend is getting more famous for the roles he has left than the roles he has played. He’s now out as Fandral The Dashing, buddy of Thor, in Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”. Of course he was supposed to have been Aragorn in that little indy trilogy called “Lord Of The Rings” that you might have heard about. Peter Jackson said that Stuart just was too young looking to play Aragorn and that is possibly the case. I’m sure that they had some pictures of Stuart before filming though. Stuart is out of “Thor” due to the old standby “creative differences” excuse.

Replacing Mr. Townsend is Joshus Dallas, a guy I haven’t heard much about. I’ll google him. Peter Jackson has a thing for replacing his actors just before shooting. He did that in “The Lovely Bones”, replacing Ryan Gosling with Mark Wahlberg. This is the second replacement for Stuart though and obviously by a different director, so it’s interesting. Thanks /film for the scoop.