Stupid Butterflies. The Effect is Back.

The first “Butterfly Effect” will probably be best known for making an actual movie actor out of Ashton Kutcher, minus the yuk-yuks of his That 70s Show days. The first direct-to-DVD sequel will probably be best known as the sequel that no one really wanted, but got anyway, but since no one really wanted it in the first place, no one even remembers who starred in it, or what it was about, although we vaguely recall that the chick who plays Lois Lane in Smallville was in it, and she showed off her rack. Or maybe she didn’t; since we don’t, you know, really remember the sequel all that much.

Anyhoo, the lack of demand or indeed, interest in the first sequel notwithstanding, the producers of “The Butterfly Effect” have launched a second sequel, this one to be called “The Butterfly Effect: Revelation”, and will feature another guy (why is it always guys?) who discovers he has the power to go back in time, which he does to investigate the death of his high school girlfriend. In doing so, he unwittingly unleashes a serial killer on the world. Thanks a lot, ya mook.

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The Butterfly Effect 3