Subtitled Trailer For Danny Pang’s Upcoming Seven 2 One

Seven2OneHong Kong director Danny Pang’s cinematic output is certainly a mixed bag. Sometimes he can knock one out of the proverbial park — 2006’s “Re-cycle” immediately springs to mind — though this is usually followed up with something along the lines of “The Eye 10” or “Forest of Death.” 24 Frames Per Second recently posted the trailer for Pang’s upcoming horror/thriller “Seven 2 One,” which, judging by the trailer, could go either way. I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt on this one, mostly because the premise sounds promising. Cliche and a little tired, mind you, but promising.

Here’s the lowdown:

Convenience store clerks Chrissie and Katy decide to get back at their sleazy manager Leo by having their friends pose as robbers and hold up the store, but events escalate out of control into murder. What started as an elaborate prank sets off a butterfly effect of crime, consequence, and desperation as more and more people get pulled into the mess.

“Seven 2 One” opens in Hong Kong on November 5th.