Summer Glau Joins Arrow Season 2. Fans Wait for Inevitable Cancellation Notice.


Summer Glau in Sarah Connor ChroniclesThe CW’s first season of “Arrow” was a hit for the network both critically and commercial, and one of their better offerings since, well, “Supernatural” if you ask me. The show also capped off its first season with a pretty surprising ending, setting the path for a new major arc for its superhero and the people around him. (Not to mention the city.)

Producers are promising that Season 2 will see a changed Oliver and his alter ego, the hooded Vigilante (they have yet to call him Green Arrow on the show, or even Arrow, if I recall). We’ll also be seeing a new antagonist to be played by Summer Glau (of “Firefly”, “Sarah Connor Chronicles”, and “The Cape” fame).

Glau will be joining the show’s second season in the recurring role of Isabel Rochev, described as “the beautiful and dangerous Vice President of Aquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated.” The character has her roots in the Green Arrow comics, where she plotted and schemed to take over the Oliver family biz.

And if you’re a fan of “Arrow”, you might be feeling a tad paranoid right about now. You see, the lovely Miss Summer has not exactly had the best track record when it comes to her appearances on genre shows. Basically, when she shows up, shows die. She seems to leave shows where she does a one-off (or very limited) role just fine, but her recurring parts usually result in, well, cancellation for that poor show. Her latest victim was the Syfy Channel’s “Alphas”, a show that I dearly miss. Thanks for nothing, Summer!

Will “Arrow” survive the Summer Glau Curse? We shall find out.

Stephen Amell in Arrow

I hope that’s the “Curse Breaker” arrow he’s aiming…

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  • Eric Curto

    Its not Summer’s fault that Networks are dumb and expect everyone to watch their shows live, see shows like Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly were great shows, but if they get less than 4 million viewers(hell ABC canceled a series that took in 7 million viewers after just 3 episodes)they usually cancel them, cause they aren’t ranking in Reality or Competition numbers, which is sad that America would rather watch game shows than shows that make you think

  • Dedpool

    Shhh!! That’s not even a funny joke to make man!! I will be pissed if that happens!