Summit Already Prepping Twilight Breaking Dawn?

Considering the fan fervor over the now-in-production “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” (really, that whole “The Twilight Saga” stuff is just so clunky and has to go) and the huge anticipation for it and its follow-up, “Eclipse”, maybe it’s smart of Summit Entertainment to start throwing out ideas for a fourth movie. And it’s not like they’ll have to do a whole lot of work — “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer has already written “Breaking Dawn” and like all the previous “Twilight” books, it’s sold like gangbusters.

Also, considering that “Breaking Dawn” is a huge friggin’ tome (768 pages!), maybe they should pull a Harry Potter and split it up into two movies to further cash in on the fanbase in the guise of being “thorough” in their adaptation. Of course, all that’s conjecture, and will depend entirely on how “New Moon” and “Eclipse” do at the box office. Will the audiences still be there for a fourth movie? I’m putting my money on Yes.

News of a rumored prepping for “Breaking Dawn” comes from The Wrap, who doesn’t actually cite any sources and a spokesman for Summit Entertainment has declined to comment. I suppose it’s an easy enough “exclusive” to break, since what are the chances that the “Twilight” movies WON’T make bank at the box office?

The latest “Twilight” installment, “New Moon” is currently shooting in Vancouver under the direction of Chris Weitz.