Summit Entertainment Wants Steven Soderbergh’s Bitter Pill

Steven Soderbergh

Well, that sure as hell didn’t take long. Following the news that director Steven Soderbergh exited “Man from UNCLE” to instead work on “The Bitter Pill”, a number of studios want to nab the rights to the film.

Both Summit Entertainment and David Linde’s Lava Bear are the top two contenders for the film which is described as “a thriller set in the world of psychopharmacology.” Further details have been revealed that the film will focus on a troubled and depressed woman who is taking serious amounts of prescription drugs to deal with the anxiety surrounding the pending release of her husband from prison.

Initially, the film’s writer, Scott Z. Burns wrote the script several years ago and set it up at Miramax under the title “The Side Effects”, and he intended to direct the film. But because Burns got busy with other films, he held off until he met up with Soderbergh which the two have worked on the director’s “The Informant!”, “Contagion”, and more recently, collaborated with him on the doomed “Man from UNCLE” adaptation.


Via : Deadline