Summit Hires Writers for a Red Sequel

Red (2010) Movie PosterRetired Extremely Dangerous? Extremely Dangerous, yes. Retired? Not so much.

THR confirms that Summit Entertainment has hired brothers Erich and Jon Hoeber to pen a sequel to their action-comedy hit. Made for a relatively “cheap” $58 million (given the A-list names in the cast and Hollywood filmmaking being what it is), the movie, based on a pretty grim and depressing Warren Ellis one-shot comic book, went on to earn $164 in worldwide box office thanks to its combination of laughs, ballsy action, and Helen Mirren with a machinegun.

While screenwriters have been hired, this doesn’t mean the sequel has been officially greenlit by Summit, but shelling out the bucks for a script is a good sign that the studio is doing more than just thinking about making a sequel. When the studio does decide to go ahead, though, they’ll have to sign back stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich, since there are no deals currently in place for them to return as retired CIA killers.

Director Robert Schwentke is also unsigned.

Helen Mirren in Red (2010) Movie Image