Summit Slots Twilight Sequel New Moon for November 2009

I haven’t seen Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight” and chances are I probably won’t end up seeing it for a while. I love me some vampire flicks as much as the next guy, but all that teen angst romance stuff might drive me to commit suicide, and no one wants that, especially my dear ol mom. That being said, I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out, because a couple dozen million screaming teenage girls can’t be wrong, right? And besides, the film has already topped $150 million in just four weeks of release, and took in another $8 million last weekend, good enough for third place. Summit Entertainment, the company that produced “Twilight”, knows a good thing when they see it, which may be why they’re scheduling the film’s sequel, “New Moon” for a November 20th, 2009 release date, a day earlier than the film’s 2008 opening.

So why put the sequel into production so quickly? Why not? They already have a new director, and the script is already being written. And besides, what part of $69.6 million opening weekend didn’t you understand?

Below: Insert funny caption here. I’m fresh out, kiddos.