Summit to Remake Highlander

“There can be only one!” Well apparently not, because Summit Entertainment has already snagged remake rights to the 1986 original, and plans to reboot it with writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, whose last film was some little indie called “Iron Man”, maybe you’ve heard of it. Peter Davis, one of the “Highlander” franchise’s original producers, will return as producer, probably as part of the deal when he sold the rights to Summit.

“Highlander” fans will recall that a fifth installment in the franchise, “The Source”, was made and sat on the shelf for years, before finally being released onto DVD and cable TV to less than spectacular responses from the core fans. Oh who am I kidding; I hated the crap out of it, and so did everyone else. It was unGodly terrible in every way.

The Hollywood Reporter has more about the reboot:

Summit acquired the rights to remake the cult classic from Davis/Panzer Prods. Peter Davis, one of the original producers of the 1986 film, also will produce the new film.

By acquiring the rights to the property, Summit gains a recognizable brand and a franchise with worldwide popularity amonng both the young and old.

Summit’s president of production Erik Feig, along with the company’s senior vp production Geoff Shaevitz and creative executive Gillian Bohrer, will oversee the project for the studio.

If you’ve never seen the franchise, “Highlander” is about a bunch of immortals from ancient times, who goes through the centuries trying to chop each other’s heads off, the only method by which they can be killed. Why all the head chopping? Because when only one immortal is life (“There can be only one!”), he was supposedly to receive the prize, a super duper power or something like that.

The 1986 original supposedly ended with Christopher Lambert as the last remaining Highlander, but that sort of went out the window when the movie proved so successful that they decided to do a sequel, which completely rewrote the rules of the franchise. After that point it was anyone’s guess what the hell was going on.

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