Super Creepy Trailer for the South Korean Horror Outing Death Bell 2

I haven’t had an opportunity to see Yoon Hong-Seung’s 2008 creepfest “Death Bell” yet, though judging from the trailer for its sequel, I need to correct this issue as soon as humanly possible. “Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp” might sound like a obnoxiously stupid horror flick, but the trailer embedded below tells a different story altogether. And while the trailer didn’t overwhelm my senses with several metric tons of unchecked terror, it certainly has ensnared my brutally fickle attention. That has to account for something, right?

Once again, a synopsis courtesy of 24 Frames per Second:

Find the answer to survive! The killing game begins again. Se-hee is haunted by her step sister Tae-yeon who used to be a promising swimmer, but suddenly she killed herself in a swimming pool 2 years ago. During the summer vacation, she joins the study camp at school for upcoming college entrance exam. On the first night, the succession of cruel killings occurs whenever the students fail to answer the given questions in time. Meanwhile, the hidden truth behind Tae-yeon’s suicide is slowly revealed and terrified students struggle to solve the puzzle before they become the next victim.

“Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp” is set to put the fear into South Korean audiences on July 28th. The trailer lies just below this collection of words. Enjoy!