Supergirl Might be Getting Her Own TV Show

Supergirl Comic Book

Greg Berlanti, the dude who gave us “Arrow” and its spin-off show, “The Flash,” is triple diving back into the D.C. comic book vault and has resurfaced with a possible “Supergirl” TV show.

Berlanti is said to be shopping the project around with fellow “No Ordinary Family” (another superhero show, in case you never saw it) producer Ali Adler, who from the sounds of it will be doing most of the heavy lifting on the show, including writing the script. Makes sense to have a woman writing the character, I guess.

As with “Gotham,” Warner Bros. Television will be shopping the girl from Krypton around to potential networks. If it lands somewhere other than the CW, I guess that means your chances of seeing a Supergirl/Flash/Arrow team-up is a non-starter? Which would be a bummer.

That is, if the show gets picked up somewhere. D.C. tried to land Wonder Woman a home not once, but twice, and she didn’t make it. Will Supergirl be able to buck that pattern? It’s gonna take, ahem, a super effort, that’s fer sho.

At this point, I’m supposed to tell you who Supergirl is. Look, if you don’t know who Supergirl is by now, you probably don’t give a hoot about this show anyway.

The character, of course, was previously adapted for the big screen in 1984, with Helen Slater in the red skirt. Here’s a refresher in case you’ve managed to wipe the movie from your memory:

Via : Deadline