Superheroes Have Problems, Too. New Alter Egos Trailer Strikes

Alter Egos (2012) Movie Image

If writer/director Jordan Galland’s “Alter Egos” had come out, say, five years ago, it would look pretty original. Nowadays, though, stripping down (if you will) the superhero into an Everyday schmoe with real-world problems is pretty old hat. Curiously, though, this type of storyline has never really managed to get big-time studio funding, and are mostly relegated to indie films. I guess studios just don’t think you’re interested in such a tale. You can prove them wrong by checking out Galland’s “Alter Ego”, opening in limited release and on VOD next month. Until then, check out a latest trailer and poster for the film.

At a time when superheroes have lost government funding and public support, a superhero meets a girl who can help him overcome his own emotional crisis.

Starring Kris Lemche, Joey Kern, Brooke Nevin, Danny Masterson and John Ventimiglia.

“Alter Egos” opens in NY on October 19, 2012, and will be available nationwide On-Demand November 20, 2012.

Alter Egos (2012) Movie Poster