Superman and Faora Action Figures Hit the Toy Fair

If you’ve been wondering what “Man of Steel’s” supervillainess Faora would look like in the coming movie, then wonder no more. The Kryptonian supevillain who, along with Zod, will be making Superman’s life miserable when Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” opens this Summer has gotten her own action figure courtesy of the folks at Mattel, who showed off Faora in her swanky armor at this year’s Toy Fair.

The actress playing Faora in the movie is the gorgeous Antje Traue, which, yeah, this action figure doesn’t do her justice at all. This Faora figure looks to be in the same line that featured Superman, Zod, and the guys that we posted recently.

Faora’s figures will run you $15 this June.

Faora in Man of Steel Action Figure

And here’s another look at Superman from “Man of Steel”. Supes stands 12 inches tall:

Superman in Man of Steel Action Figure

“Man of Steel”, starring Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, and Amy Adams, opens June 14, 2013.

Via : MTV