Superman and Friends are Unbounded in New Images for Superman: Unbound


Superman Unbound (2013) Movie Blu-ray Cover

Check out three new images and the Blu-ray cover for Warner’s latest Superman on DVD adventure, “Superman: Unbound”, due on DVD and Blu-ray this May 7, 2013. The original animated film features “White Collar’s” Matt Bomer as the voice of Supes. No word on a Batman appearance in this one, though, which is always somewhat surprising considering Warner loves putting the two characters together. I guess we’ll just have to make due with Supes kicking the crap out of Brainiac all by his little lonesome. With Supergirl’s help, anyway.

In case you missed it the first time ’round, you can watch the trailer here.

Based on the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank 2008 release “Superman: Brainiac,” SUPERMAN: UNBOUND finds the Man of Steel aptly handling day-to-day crime while helping acclimate Supergirl to Earth’s customs and managing Lois Lane’s expectations for their relationship. Personal issues take a back seat when the horrific force responsible for the destruction of Krypton – Brainiac – begins his descent upon Earth. Brainiac has crossed the universe, collecting cities from interesting planets – including Supergirl’s home city of Kandor – and now the all-knowing, ever-improving android has his sights fixed on Metropolis. Superman must summon all of his physical and intellectual resources to protect his city, the love of his life and his newly-arrived cousin.

The voice cast also includes John Noble as Brainiac, Stana Katic as Lois Lane and Molly Quinn as Supergirl.

The “Superman: Unbound” Blu-ray Combo Pack Includes:

  • Standard and high definition versions of the feature film
  • UltraViolet
  • Sneak Peek at Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie
  • Featurette – “Kandor: History of the Bottle City” – An all-new featurette. Kandor: a peaceful scientific community dedicated toward the preservation of all that is good on Krypton, the home world of
    Superman. That is, until the city was ripped from its world and placed into a small glass bottle! This is the short story highlighting the shrunken city of Kandor. Its history just as fascinating as it is unique, here is how it ties in directly with the Man of Tomorrow.
  • Featurette – “Brainiac: Technology and Terror” – An all-new featurette. Mostly machine, but part sentient being, Brainiac steals cities and destroys worlds. Is he the most vile of Superman’s villainous foes? Experience the Brainiac mythology and find out why Superman barely stands a chance!
  • Audio Commentary – Featuring members of the creative team: Mike Carlin, Bob Goodman and James Tucker.
  • Four bonus episodes from Superman: The Animated Series (“The Last Son of Krypton, Part 1”; “New Kids in Town”; and “Little Girl Lost, Parts 1 & 2”), all handpicked by producer Alan Burnett.
  • Digital Comic – Excerpt from the graphic novel Superman: Brainiac by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Lois Lane in Superman Unbound (2013) Movie Image

Supergirl in Superman Unbound (2013) Movie Image

Superman in Superman Unbound (2013) Movie Image

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  • Dedpool

    Nope it’s just a Superman flick. The only other Superman/Batman animated movie I can see based on the comics would be “Absolute Power” or maybe “The Search for Kryptonite” otherwise they could just come up with something original which would actually be good. Either way i can’t wait!

  • Lazz82

    I hope this is better than the somewhat disappointing “Superman vs the Elite”…but then again…I am not supes fan..

    • Dedpool

      WHAT? Superman vs the Elite was awesome! The art takes some getting used to, that I will definitely concede (though I liked it right away, and tend to like stylized art styles for animation just to have some variety. It’s why I loved Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Batman:TAS, Superman: TAS, Teen Titans, Justice League and even Legion of Superheroes) but storywise and action wise it was very good. I’m not the biggest Superman fan either but I do love when they let him let loose, or give him a great story.

      • Lazz82

        The art wasn’t the problem…for me. I just didn’t like the story…especially the end…I also the original “Action Comics” issue and it was…meh…and the movie was the same to me….not the worst thing DC animation has came out with..:)

        • Osaese22

          i dont even care about the story, the action was great ( superman vs the elite) infact i love all the superman animations and batman also!!

        • Dedpool

          Gotcha. Can’t fault you then. If you read the comic and were left wanting even then. Personally as far as Superman stories go it’s always been a favorite of the more recent ones for me. With everyone referring to Supes as the Big Blue Boyscout and such it was a great way of showing WHY we need a character like that and the film did a great job adapting it. That said Unbound should be better.

          • Lazz82

            I am not saying it’s terrible…but it was a disappointment…BUT I will say this….the DC animated movies are MUCH better than ANY of the Marvel Animated features