Superman Gets an Official, New-ish Logo for his Man of Steel Reboot


Warner Bros. has released the official logo for the Big Blue Boy Scout to debut with in his 2013 adventures. Check it out below. I think it’s pretty cool myself. New-ish, but still recognizable as to who it belongs to. It certainly looks more … organic. Maybe not organic. Slicker and with more contours? Some such.

Anyways, approve or disapprove?

Zack Snyder’s film, a reboot of the D.C. Comics hero, stars Henry Cavill as a 20-something journalist wondering the world in search of his place in life, eventually leading him to suit up as the Man of Steel in order to save the planet from a couple of refugees from his old homeworld.

It co-stars Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Christopher Meloni, Antje Traue, Harry Lennix, Ayelet Zurer, and won’t be due until 2013, or June 14, 2013 to be more specific.

Click on the pic below to get a better look:

Superman: Man of Steel (2013) Movie Logo

Author: Nix

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  • Maverick4life

    the logo is different and whenever something stands out i like it.. dare to be diff.. anyway i am hoping in the action packed superman movie 2013 that the director lends general Zod his own style of displaying his abilities vis a vie.. that of superman …hopefully with some good punch lines as has been hinted by its current actor playing Zod.. and i am hoping Zod’s partner in crime has her own way of pushing the elements or tactics in getting sups on his knees… i am hoping the action packed movie is actioned packed and different out of this world new action sequences to blow our fan brains.. I want man of steel, to be outshine Dark nite block office sales..well thats a long short ..oxymoron…lol

  • Necessaryones

    No, it’s not really new. It looks like a “golden age” S symbol from the early forties.