Superman Leads Some Kids to Victory in Crooked Arrows Trailer

Crooked Arrows (2012) Movie Image

Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with a “Bad News Bears” movie. You can replace the bears part with anything you want — ducks, birds, geese, whatever — as long as the basic storyline is the same — a bunch of misfits learn from a reluctant coach on their way to becoming a great (or at least, decent) team. Throw in a troubled, wayward kid in there, the token Tomboy girl, and you’ve got yourself a feel-good sports movie that caters to the family crowd. Now you can do what the “Bad News Bears” did and get them almost there, or you can go full-tilt for feel good status and have them actually win the Big Game. Either/or.

That’s basically “Crooked Arrows”, which has “Superman Returns'” Brandon Routh playing a Native American far removed from his Native American-ness, who has to coach the tribe’s lacrosse team to the championship and prove his worth. He is, of course, a selfish jerk — in the beginning, but eventually learns and becomes a better man. Or some such.

Is it gonna change your view on life? Naaaaaah. It looks like good, decent family fun, though. Plus, it’s not like anyone’s done lacrosse with Native American kids before, so that’s novel.

Also starring Gil Birmingham, Chelsea Ricketts, Crystal Allen, Tom Kemp, Dennis Ambriz, and Michael Hudson. Steve Rash, who has directed not one, but two “Bring it On” sequels, along with “Road Trip: Beer Pong”, calls the shots on this one.

Watch Routh take these crazy, misfit kids to the championship on May 18, 2012 in select theaters.

Crooked Arrows (2012) Movie Poster