Superman Loses British Mom, Gets Israeli Replacement

Lara-Lor-VanIt’s not easy being Superman. His entire planet goes Ka-boom when he was just an infant, he’s shot across the galaxy in a rocket ship, crash-lands in some podunk country town, gets raised by farmers, ends up falling in love with one of those career-minded women, and soon enough, he’s battling aliens with the same powers as him. Plus, there’s that whole saving the world on a daily basis thing. That’s gotta grind you down some, I’d imagine.

Then he goes and loses his mom all over again. Or at least, the actress playing his mom.

The latest from Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” film has Julia Ormond, previously attached to play Supe’s Kryptonian mom Lara Lor-Van, has been replaced by Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer (last seen in “Angels and Demons” with Tom Hanks, and before that, “Munich” with Eric Bana). She’ll join Russell Crowe as Superman’s native pops.

No word on why Ormond was replaced on the Snyder-directed film at such a late date (the movie has been shooting for months now), but I suppose it doesn’t matter too much. Like Crowe’s role, Superman’s homeland parents aren’t really going to have much in terms of screentime anyways. Still, I was looking forward to seeing Ormond back on the big screen, so this is a tad disappointing.

“Man of Steel” stars Henry Cavill as the new Big Blue Boy Scout and takes off in 2013. Yes, 2013. Lots of waiting to do, so there better not be any excuses about shitty CGI, Warner Bros…

Ayelet Zurer in Fugitive Pieces (2007) Movie Image