Superman Reboot’s Villain Revealed? So What About Lois Lane?


Previously we reported that three actresses were vying for the female lead in Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan’s upcoming reboot of “Superman”. Not much was known about the role, only that it was not Lois Lane. Which led some, including myself, took to mean that Lois Lane might not be in the reboot, and of course that sounded … wrong somehow.

As it turns out, that may not be the case at all. Quoting a “most trusted reliable source”, the boys at Latino Review says Lois Lane will indeed be in the reboot, but she won’t be played by the three actresses currently up for the non-Lois role — Rosamund Pike, Diane Kruger, and Alice Eve. Instead, the three ladies are vying to play the part of …

URSA, the movie’s villainess.

Who is Ursa? As you’ll recall, parts one and two of Richard Donner’s “Superman” movies featured three Kryptonian villains, led by General Zod, who were sentenced to the Phantom Zone, where they eventually escaped to do battle with Supes in part two. Word from LR is that Ursa is the woman currently being cast at this moment, which leads to this …

How far behind will General Zod be now that Ursa is being cast? It would make sense that she’s just the first of the familiar trio of villains to appear in the reboot. Ursa was a henchman (er, henchwoman) to Zod along with that big Kryptonian dude. And Zod has long been rumored to be appearing in the reboot, and this seems to be another indication that that’s very much the case.

The good news is, having Zod and Ursa certainly signals that they’re going for major action here instead of just another silly land scheme by Lex Luthor. Sheesh, what the hell was that about again?

Author: Nix

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  • superfan

    I think Zod will make a perfect villain. Although parasite, Bizzarro, Livewire, and Metallo (among others) are indeed very cool, could they really make a movie with them the only villain? Now, if they teamed up, like Bizzarro, Parasite, and Livewire (under Lex’s supervision of course) then that would be different. But as far as movies go, the only villains that are worth going to see a two or more hours movie would be Zod, Brainiac, Lex, or Darkseid (who while being awesome, the whole Apokolips planet and Granny Goodness and all that jazz might be confusing and cheesy to non comic readers.

  • Jacob

    Superman returns would have been a better film and made tons of money if the story had more action and fighting and heroic scenes,it was only 2hrs. long instead of 21/2hrs.,they didn`t have superman`s girlfriend lois lane having a boyfriend and a son,superman`s girlfriend was gorgeous and beautifull like tracy scoggins or elle macpherson or victoria silvstadt and superman didn`t leave the earth for 5 years to visit krypton and come back to scenes of his childhood and other boring stuff like lex luthor marrying an old lady and inheriting her fortune.They should also have cool villains like superman fighting some monster,alien or demon not just lex luthor.Bryan Singer kept delaying the superman returns seqeul which should have come out in 2009 or 2010.That is why brandon routh lost the role of superman and henry cavill got it.

  • Jacobcherian70

    entertainment weekly said it best ,the reason superman returns wasn`t successful was because it was more of a drawn out romance drama instead of a superhero action flick.