Superman Wants to Team Up with Batman (For Some Reason) in Parody Video

Batman and Superman Pete Holmes Parody

When you think about it, why DOES Superman feel the need to team up with Batman? After all, Superman is so friggin’ powerful the guy can level an entire city block just by sneezing. And Batman? Well, his greatest nemesis so far is a ‘roided out dude with a gas mask. That’s, you know, not really all that impressive when you can fly and punch people through buildings.

Check out a parody skit from the Pete Holmes show, featuring Superman asking Batman to team up. He doesn’t quite get the answer he was hoping for, as it turns out. Batman is played for laughs, of course, though the production value is oddly impressive.

So will Zack Snyder’s upcoming untitled “Batman/Superman” movie be somewhat like this? Probably not. (By the way, what’s the deal with not settling on a title for your big-time movie? Who does Snyder and company think they are, J.J. Abrams?)

The “Pete Holmes Show” premieres October 28th after “Conan” on TBS.