Superman Reboot’s Female Lead Candidates Down to 3 Names

Days after officially casting Brit Henry Cavill as the new Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. have now apparently narrowed down their search for a leading lady to three names — Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike.

And get this — whoever ends up winning the role, they won’t be playing Lois Lane, because apparently Lois Lane will not be the main female character in the reboot.

Earlier reports had Rachel McAdams and Kristen Stewart also being in the running, but were both taken off the board after Cavill was cast. The reason? The suits didn’t want the female lead to overshadow their relatively unknown Superman. Which makes sense. As well, with Snyder directing and Christopher Nolan getting full producer credit, the promos will be focusing on the names behind the camera anyway.

And while Eve, Kruger, and Pike have been in plenty of movies, you couldn’t really say that any of them are household names. Even Kruger, who has the heftiest Hollywood resume of the three, is still relatively unknown to Ma and Pa Joe Public.

Of course, the really big headline here for me isn’t who will play the female lead, but what character they will be playing. This may just be the first iteration of Superman where Lois Lane doesn’t figure prominently into the storyline. If not Lois Lane, then who? Lana Lang, perhaps? David Goyer’s script, after all, supposedly follows Supes before he dons the red and blue and goes about trying to save the world, so it would make sense for Lana to be hanging around in the first movie…

Pictured below: Diane Kruger (left), Alice Eve (center), and Rosamund Pike (right).